Is there a fee to register for BBR24?

Yes. Rider registration fee is $500.

I’m a Team Captain. how do I register my team?

You can simply register by creating a Team. After you have set up the Team, you can and invite others to join. 


Is there a minimum fundraising amount to participate?

The current minimum fundraising amount is $5000 with registration fee acting as a $500 self-sponsor towards total.

$5000 minimum must be reached before Thursday, May 9, 2024, in order to confirm participation.

Can I Self Sponsor?

TAX RECEIPTS for PARTICIPANT self-sponsored donations will be reconciled and sent by email on or before August 31st, 2024, after the end of the Ride in June.  

The reason is that tax receipts can only be issued for personal donations exceeding $2500, which is deemed to be the NET BENEFIT amount for next year’s Ride, and ensures that Wounded Warriors Canada is issuing all Tax Receipts in accordance with CRA guidelines.  The NET BENEFIT represents the value of all benefits received by the PARTICIPANT during the Ride (ie. accomodations, meals, etc.). 

Should you have additional questions, please contact Laurie Sweet, Director Finance & Administration,


Can Riders combine their funds raised so that as a group, they average $5000 per Rider?

Yes. We encourage Riders to create a Team to join forces and fundraise together.

How do I collect donations?

Donations can be made through your personal/team fundraising page. 

How are tax receipts issued?

Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more and are sent at time of donation via email. Please note, some email filters may direct receipt to junkmail.


Are there any resources we can use to help us fundraise?

Yes, please click on the button below for access to logos, WWC One pager, poster and BBR24 donation forms. If there’s any need for custom BBR24 forms or design docs, please email:




Is WWC booking my flight?

No, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation to the June 9th Meet & Greet, scheduled for 6pm at host hotel in Caen. More details to follow.


Where should I fly into?

It is recommended riders fly in and out of Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport.


Do I have to book my own accommodations?

Your accommodations (double occupancy) on Sunday, June 9th through evening of Friday, June 14th, will be booked for you by Magic Places (Tour Provider) and are included as part of your minimum fundraising amount. The complete list of hotels will be sent to you by the tour provider.


Can I share accommodations with my spouse/friend who is not registered on the ride?

We cannot provide accommodations for spouses/friends/family who may be traveling at the same time. We can provide a list of our hotels and they are welcome to book nearby.

What services are provided as part of my ride package?

You will be very well supported along our journey. Some of the services that are included as part of the tour are:

  • Hotel accommodations from June 9th to June 14th
  • Breakfasts each morning 
  • Lunch each riding day
  • Mechanical support for both rental and owned bikes
  • Vehicle support for riders missing a stage for physical or mechanical issues
  • Post ride nutrition 
  • Complimentary team tour jersey and bib shorts
  • Complimentary Team Dinner
What is a normal day like?

In short:  Inspiring!!  

Wake up around 6:30, Breakfast at 7. Pre-ride brief at 8, on the road by 9am. Ride till about noon, including a stop of interest enroute, and stop for lunch for about an hour.  Back on your bike for another 2-3 hours (including stops) and arrive at the destination hotel in the afternoon. Grab some of the provided post-ride nutrition and check into your room. Shower, relax, and get ready for dinner. Dinner on your own schedule (except for the team dinner on the last day).

Will there a map that shows the BBR24 route?

Yes, once we have confirmed the route more details will be available.

What happens at the end of the tour?

On June 14th, you will arrive at our hotel; check in; collect your bike box (for those that bring their own bikes) or return your rental bike. Bikes will be packed into your bike boxes for transport the next day. 

Riders will then be required to find their way from Bayeux to Paris on Saturday, June 15.